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Jul 31, 2012 No Comments ›› Nick

July 31, 2012 – Read Maxine’s answers to the Valley Reporter’s recent survey of House candidates in the district:

Question 1: Why do you want to serve The Valley in the Vermont Legislature?

I want to continue to be a voice for my community. For the past 12 years, I have diligently served my community in the Legislature. I am excited to apply my leadership experience to the new district that encompasses my home. I have lived here since 1986. I started my family here and my children attend school at Moretown Elementary and Harwood Union.

During the past session, much of my focus in the Legislature has been on flood recovery. I want to further my community’s goals of rebuilding our homes, farms and businesses and protecting our rivers to ensure resilient economic growth through my voice at the Legislature.

If re-elected I look forward to continuing my support for enhancing our safety, affordable health care, renewable energy, lower property taxes, economic development, environmental protection and conservation, children and youth issues. These are the elements of a sustainable and thriving community.

Question 2: How will you measure your success as a state representative?

Through relationships, responses and results. During my incumbency, I have built strong working relationships with constituents, local officials, our Congressional delegation, the Executive and Judiciary. These have enabled me to get results. According to one official: “Moretown is lucky to have you in Montpelier. You never fail to tackle an issue when we call for help”.

I have succeeded when bills I introduced became law. Examples are protecting crime victims’ privacy rights, banning texting and teen cell phone use while driving.

I also look to data. When an agency testifies that crime and drunk driving rates are down due to a program we created, I have succeeded.

Knowing that I am keeping folks informed and empowered in the democratic process is an important measure. I value feedback. Constituent communication is key. You are my advisors and you will inform me. I strive to work with you and for you.

Question 3: Why are you qualified to represent the new two member district that includes Moretown, Duxbury, Warren, Waitsfield and Fayston?

My 12 years of effective State House and community leadership qualify me. While the district is “new”, I have been keeping Duxbury, Moretown and the Valley informed through newspaper articles and social media. I strive to represent our common interests as Vermonters. I serve in a two-member district and have experience working closely with my district mate.

Many of the issues I currently address are present in the new district. Watershed health, roads, infrastructure, education, building the local economy and a resilient community are central to my current and new district. My relationships and ability to get results make me a strong candidate.

Living and serving in the new district also qualify me. I have volunteered for many state and local organizations and have children in each stage of Vermont’s educational process. My extensive local and state public service make me an effective representative for my district.

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