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From February 26, 2014 MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Military service members and their families can be put in a tough spot when the military orders one spouse to move and the other must give up a job to move along with the service member. Now the Vermont House has endorsed a bill designed to ease that situation. ...

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Legislative Update 4

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Welcome Isabel Jamieson to our new group of legislative pages. Pages help the Legislature function while getting a first hand experience with the democratic process. While Isabel's friends are on vacation this week, she will be reporting to work at 7:30 AM, working a long day.  Congratulations to Isabel and her family. Thank you to ...

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VPR: House Strongly Backs Ban On Hand Held Devices For Drivers

Feb 17, 2014 No Comments ››

Listen and read in full at Vermont Public Radio February 13, 2014 Bob Kinzel It was a debate where dozens of House members wanted to be heard, and over the course of the 90 minute discussion, arguments were raised both for and against the bill. The vote on the legislation was 130 to 11. Gov. Peter Shumlin opposes ...

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Legislative Update 3

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Passed out of My Committee-House Judiciary: I am thrilled to report the passage of H.88, allowing a victim of sexual assault to petition for permanent sole parental rights and responsibilities when the child was conceived as a result of a sexual assault.  In my remarks on the House floor, I stated, "H.88 gives a victim back ...

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