Legislative Update – March 12, 2015

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Vermont State House, MontpelierI am glad I was able to speak at all 5 Town Meetings. Thank you for your questions and feedback. Thank you to Town Moderators and officials for allowing Rep. Greshin and me to interrupt the meeting orders and speak.

Sex Offender Notification Law

Clarification to what was reported in the Valley Reporter: Please note, the significance of this new law is that it requires notification PRIOR to release from prison, not upon release or 3 days after.  Three days was prior law that my bill, now law has changed. Failure to notify prior to release under this new law is a crime.  This is a very important change in the law that will provide enhanced public safety. It directly impacts our community.

Education and Property Tax Reform

Thank you for your questions regarding the bill that has passed out of the House Education Committee. It has many components and by no means is the final proposal. The Education Committee did put a cap on spending in the bill. That was more about legislative process than substance. By putting a provision impacting spending—the bill must now go to the money committees, starting with Ways and Means. The cap was a signal to the Ways and Means Committee that something has to be done about spending and finance. The bill also has a moratorium on passing legislation that would impact property taxes.

Please keep your comments and ideas coming.

Congratulations to Duxbury and Friends of the Mad River for their receipt of Watershed Grants.

Please support local basketball: The Harlem Rockets, an entertainment basketball team, will face the Valley Dream Team Thursday, March 12, at 7 p.m. at Harwood. The game will benefit the Mad River Youth Basketball program.