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Nov 3, 2015 No Comments ›› maxinegrad

school-disciplineI serve on the Justice Oversight Committee. We heard very compelling testimony on how critical a school’s response to student behavior is in facilitating a student’s ability to learn and succeed in school, the workplace, and society. I applaud our schools, civil rights advocates and Sec. of Education Rebecca Holcombe for beginning to bend the curve on addressing student behavior and helping students stay in school and thrive.

A growing number of Vermont schools are changing their disciplinary focus from exclusionary punishment to teaching positive behavior and social skills that allow children to stay engaged in school. The PBiS – Positive Behavior Intervention Services – model focuses on positive behavioral supports for students and has been shown to effectively decrease the number of behavior problems encountered in schools.

I am encouraged that the schools in my district that are moving forward with this method, including Waitsfield and my son’s school in Moretown. A special thank you to Duane Pierson, Principal of Moretown Elementary School and staff for investing the time for training and beginning to implement these best practices. I am hopeful that other districts in the state will follow their lead.

Via VTDigger.com: Lawmakers Examine “School-to-Prison” Pipeline

For more information on Positive Behavior Intervention Services in Vermont, visit http://www.pbisvermont.org