The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Nov 20, 2015 No Comments ›› maxinegrad

VT-Capitol-FallVermont and the US have a history of admitting those fleeing from horrific circumstances. We should continue to take Syrian refugees who are vetted under our current extensive process. It is estimated that children constitute half of the millions of Syrian refugees. Humanitarian efforts are critical to help refugees who are often victims of rape, famine and other forms of violence. Many become victims of human trafficking. It is our role as a state and nation to continue to lend a hand.

While I understand Vermonters’ concerns about admitting refugees, refugees are one of the most vetted populations to enter our country. This is not a time to pause, but to continue to act as we have traditionally in this country; one that is founded on principles of human and immigrant rights.

For information on the US vetting process, see: