House Approves Marijuana Legalization

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Jan 5, 2018 No Comments ›› maxinegrad

VT House Approves Marijuana LegalizationFor Immediate Release
Thursday, January 4, 2018
Representative Jill Krowinski
House Majority Leader
[email protected]



The House today passed legislation to that legalizes the possession of marijuana on a vote of 81-63.

“This is a thoughtful, incremental approach to marijuana legalization, and we’re proud to be the first state in the nation to pass marijuana legalization without the pressure of a public referendum,” said House Majority Leader, Representative Jill Krowinski. “The Republicans tried time and again to block this legislation, but we know that Vermont is ready to move forward. It’s time to pass this bill and we look forward to the Governor sticking to his word and signing this in to law.”

“This bill is an important criminal justice milestone,” said House Judiciary committee chair, Representative Maxine Grad. “It removes the collateral consequences of a criminal record for adults who responsibly use small amounts of marijuana while simultaneously preventing youth access and enhancing highway safety. H.511 promotes the much needed community policing by beginning to address current racial disparities in drug enforcement and incarceration, and building much needed trust between law enforcement and our communities.”

Representative Chip Conquest, Vice Chair of the Judiciary Committee, presented the bill on the floor for the committee. “Legalization is the right step for Vermont to take right now,” he said. “This moves us from decriminalization of a small amount of marijuana to legalization of the same amount, and allows those who are inclined to grow their own supply. It’s a small incremental step, and the right step for Vermont to take right now.”