VT House Passes Capital Bill Funding School Safety & Security Grant Program

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Mar 29, 2018 No Comments ›› maxinegrad
Vermont State HouseFor Immediate Release
March 29, 2018
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The Vermont House yesterday unanimously approved the Capital Construction Bill, H.923, appropriating funds to infrastructure improvement projects across the state.

“The Capital Bill makes critical investments in Vermont’s infrastructure,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D-South Hero). “Projects funded with this bill will improve water quality, mental health services, and enhance security and safety in schools. This bill furthers the House’s commitment to making Vermont a safe and healthy place to live.”

“This bill provides $4 million in funds to the School Safety and Security Grant Program,” added Representative Butch Shaw (R-Pittsford), Vice Chair of the House Corrections and Institutions Committee. “Vermont schools will now be able to apply for grants that will enable them to implement safety measures such as video monitoring and surveillance equipment, intercom systems, window coverings, exterior and interior doors, locks, and perimeter security measures. These infrastructure improvements will increase the safety of our schools and students across the state.”

“Providing funds for clean water initiatives was also an important aspect we included in this bill,” said Representative Alice Emmons (D-Springfield), Chair of the House Corrections and Institutions Committee. “This money will enhance our efforts to clean up Lake Carmi, an ecosystem in critical need of intervention, with an aeration system. In total, the bill contains over $24 million of clean water funding for municipal pollution prevention grants, water quality farm improvement grants, and conservation projects. This funding is in addition to over $22 million invested in clean water last year, meaning our total two year investment is over $46.”

“The Agency of Human Services will also receive more funds in order to increase their capacity to provide mental health services to relieve the backlog in our local hospital emergency rooms,” added Representative Emmons. “It will increase the number of beds for therapeutic placement, as well as create a much-needed new psychiatric residential treatment facility at the Woodside juvenile Rehabilitation Center in Essex.”