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Vermont State HouseIt is great to be back at the State House. I appreciate your confidence in me and re-electing me to serve as your representative. I look forward to working with Rep. Kari Dolan on your behalf.

Congratulations to Bill MaGill of Moretown for his election as Clerk of the Vermont House. I had the honor to be appointed by Speaker Johnson to a committee that escorted Clerk MaGill into the well of the House Chamber to receive his oath of office. Congratulations as well to Rebecca Silbernagel of Fayston for her appointment as 2nd Assistant House Clerk. The Clerks are vital to the functioning of the House.

Speaker Mitzi Johnson appointed me again as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. I hope to build on my work of community safety and justice reform. Certainly, recent events at Harwood underscore how issues of school and community safety hit home in our district.

As Judiciary Chair some of my priority issues are: protecting women’s reproductive rights, fair and impartial policing, racial justice, protection of crime victims, prevention of domestic violence homicide, prevention of sexual violence, expanding current law on expungement, school safety, suicide prevention, providing state-wide access to treatment courts, alleviating charging and sentencing disparities, and ensuring Vermonters’ constitutional right to access to the courts.

I hope we will see progress on clean water funding and water quality. Depending upon what is being discussed, there may be issues of jurisdiction for my committee. The same goes for regulation of cannabis.

I have 5 new members on my committee of 11. Much of the first few weeks will be helping members get up to speed on the issues House Judiciary addresses and meeting members of different agencies and organizations that regularly appear before my committee.

Thank you to the many constituents who reached out to me about their concerns with the implementation of Vermont’s Fair and Impartial Policing law. I am in the process of setting up a committee hearing on the current status of the law.

Farmers’ Night: January 23rd: Vermont Symphony Orchestra

David M. Wilson Memorial Farmers’ Night Concert
Filippo Ciabatti, conductor

VSO woodwinds are featured in music by Vivaldi and Rossini; the strings take the spotlight with Tchaikovsky; and young talent is represented with a world premiere from high school senior Ethan Duncan plus Mozart’s very first symphony.

You can find the Farmers’ night schedule for every Wednesday on the Legislative website.


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