Legislative Update – May 30, 2019

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Vermont State HouseThe House Adjourned last week. While I share the disappointment that we were not able to finalize a compromise on paid family and medical leave and minimum wage, below are bills that highlight some of our accomplishments. This partial list is a snapshot. Rep. Dolan and I will update you in the near future.


  • H.57: Codifying Access to Abortion – PASSED
  • PR.5: Reproductive Rights Constitutional Amendment: Awaits action by 2021-2022 Legislature
  • H.330: Repeal of the Civil Statute of Limitations in Childhood Sexual Abuse cases – PASSED
  • H.132: Housing Discrimination for Victims of Domestic Violence – in conference committee
  • H.19: Sexual Exploitation of People in Law Enforcement Custody – SIGNED


  • H.3: Ethnic Studies in Education – SIGNED
  • S.68: Indigenous People’s Day – SIGNED
  • H.207: Montpelier Charter/Non-Citizen Voting – Passed House, no action in Senate
  • H.518: Fair & Impartial Policing – PASSED
  • All House members participated in implicit bias training


  • H.523: Miscellaneous Retirement – SIGNED
  • H.321: Firefighter/EMT aggravated murder – SIGNED
  • H.16: Binding arbitration for public employees and municipal first responders – PASSED


  • H.63: Weatherization Bill ($2.25m) – PASSED – (Creates “all-fuels efficiency” to target thermal and transportation efficiency opportunities as well as what we’ve done with electric efficiency)
  • Budget – Weatherization $, EV Incentives ($2m), EV $ for State Fleet ($500k), Park & Ride expansion ($2.6m) – PASSED
  • S.96: Clean Water – PASSED (additional $7.5m this year for $50m total; $12m next year for $55m total)
  • S.113: Plastic Bag Ban – PASSED
  • BGS Weatherization (State Buildings – $300k in Budget)


  • H.533: Workforce Bill – PASSED
  • H.513: Broadband – PASSED
  • Child Care (wrapped into budget with $7.4m additional money appropriated)
  • S.108: Employee Misclassification – in conference committee
  • $2m increase for Reach Up participants in budget


  • S.111: Burn Pits – PASSED
  • H.394: Veteran Remains – SIGNED


  • Taxation of E-Cigs (H.47 – SIGNED) / Tobacco 21 (S.86 – SIGNED) / Internet Sales (H.26 – SIGNED)
  • S.49: PFAS – SIGNED
  • S.55: Toxics – PASSED
  • S.40: Lead Remediation in Schools/Childcare facilities – PASSED
  • S.37: Medical Monitoring – PASSED
  • S.169: Waiting Periods – PASSED
  • S.146: Substance Abuse Prevention Bill – PASSED – (coordinates substance abuse prevention across state government)
  • H.524: Association Health Plans, Health Insurance Marketplace stabilization & ACA codification – PASSED – (Codifies key provisions of the ACA into Vermont law)


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